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As divorce is an emotionally charged process, it can be all the more difficult to divide assets fairly or to determine the future of a jointly owned business without resorting to hostilities. At Sandia Family Law, we recognize the personal, legal, and financial challenges you face. We focus exclusively on family law and divorce cases, equipped with the specialized focus to handle even the most complicated divorces. From negotiating an agreement on matters that involve real estate, a closely held business, or retirement funds to discovering hidden assets and protecting yourself from tax consequences, we offer the honest counsel and tenacious advocacy you need.

Why Choose Us for Your High-Asset Divorce?

  • Experience – Together our two divorce lawyers have over 20 years of combined experience and have handled thousands of family law cases.
  • Focus – As a boutique family law firm, we exclusively handle cases that involve child custody, mediation, and other divorce matters.
  • Compassion – We realize that even amicable divorces can get messy. We offer understanding counsel to help you through the unique challenges you face.
  • Aggression – In some cases, we need to fight for clients’ rights at trial, especially when they have been wronged by their former partner.

We will do our utmost, however, to keep your high-asset divorce out of court if possible, and thus keep your divorce out of the public’s eye. Arbitration and mediation are often the most effective methods for reaching positive solutions while sparing you stress and avoidable expenses. If litigation is necessary, however, then our divorce attorneys are well-versed in contested divorces and in how to protect our clients’ rights at trial. We can help you manage your divorce with dignity, clarity of purpose, and in many cases, the results you hoped for. Let us help you transition to a more successful future.

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  • Million thanks to you and your firm

    “I would like to extend my deepest gratitude in everything that you have done for me/us in attempting to gain custody of my granddaughter, Ghianna. Even though things didn't work out the way that I wanted to apparently some good has come out of all this and Ghianna has mentioned that her father has changed for the better. Again, million thanks to you and your firm for what you have done for all of us.”

  • You are simply the best, Pam!

    “Excellent job in representing me, I couldn't be more pleased! You are simply the best, Pam!”

  • It was great working with you, William!

    “It was great working with you, William!”

  • William Hoskovec is a spectacular attorney.

    “William Hoskovec is a spectacular attorney. He's extremely honest with his practices and prices, he took time to answer all my questions as well as made sure I was comfortable going into court by explaining everything. There wasn't a day that I thought he was unprepared or didn't care about my case. He answered all of my family members questions as well, and has been quick to respond to all e-mails even after my divorce was finalized. I'd recommend him to anyone needing a divorce attorney.”

  • Great set of people who are willing to help.

    “Great set of people who are willing to help. Had trouble with APD bulling myself and my wife. William helped us understand our rights and kept us from being pressured into submission. Fast response to calls and emails, took the time to explain stuff to us that we didnt understand. Very reasonable fees. Willam is the best.”