Cooperative Divorce

Cooperative Divorce

Resolve Your Divorce Amicably with Our Meditation Attorneys

Although divorce is an emotionally difficult time, many parties are still willing to cooperate and jointly work out resolutions to their disputes. Cooperative parties may reach mutually agreeable terms through mediation. However, to ensure that their long-term interests are served, parties should retain the counsel of an experienced divorce lawyer.

The attorneys at Sandia Family Law are uniquely qualified to help parties wishing to amicably finalize divorce through divorce mediation in Albuquerque.

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Why You Need a New Mexico Divorce Lawyer

To some extent, cooperative parties are able to set aside some of their emotions to more quickly and cost-effectively work out the details of the Marital Settlement Agreement. However, emotions can still cloud judgments during family law mediation. A party hoping to reconcile may be motivated to over-compromise. One party may suggest a solution that could cause problems down the road.

An experienced divorce lawyer maintains an objective perspective and evaluates the long-term consequences of compromises suggested during mediation. They will prevent you from giving up property or financial support you may be entitled to under New Mexico divorce laws and help you avoid stalemates over insignificant details.

Our Unique Qualifications

The Albuquerque divorce lawyers at Sandia Family Law, have experience handling cooperative divorces both as certified mediators and as individual counsel for parties in mediation. In both roles, our attorneys use their conflict-resolution strategies and communication techniques to facilitate conversations and put emotions on the back burner. Because of the financial and emotional benefits of mediation, they advocate and facilitate cooperative divorce whenever appropriate.

Is Collaborative Divorce Right For Me?

While collaborative or cooperative divorce has gained popularity over the past few decades, it isn’t right for everyone. Before deciding whether or not divorce collaboratively, consider the following questions.

Are You Seeking to Lower the Cost of Your Divorce?

Collaborative divorce makes financial sense. You have the possibility of cutting the cost of your divorce by using collaborative techniques, as opposed to adversarial techniques. However, you do not want to commit to collaborative divorce only for the sake of money. If you and your spouse do not agree on any of the issues, or if your partner is hostile, collaborative divorce might not be successful.

Do You Want to Keep Your Children Out of the Middle?

Unlike divorce litigation, cooperative divorce involves the use of non-adversarial techniques to resolve the terms of the divorce. Rather than courtroom litigation, you’ll resolve your issues through negotiation and collaboration. For that reason, collaborative divorce can be a wonderful way to ensure your children are not put in the middle of your divorce.

Can You Resolve Issues Respectfully?

In collaborative divorce, both sides must be willing to negotiate and compromise. Rather than having an attorney fight your battles for you, you’ll rely on professionals like accountants and therapists who are on hand to offer advice and information. You’ll need to apply their advice to your divorce for collaborative divorce to work.

Do You Want to Stay Out of Court?

If you want to keep the details of your divorce private, cooperative divorce may be right for you. The goal of collaborative divorce is to reach an agreement on issues without going to court.

Can You Decide What’s Best Your Future?

If you litigate your divorce, a judge will decide the outcome. Cooperative divorce puts the decision-making in your hands, allowing you to decide the terms of your divorce. Of course, this means working closely with your ex, so you’ll both need to be as objective as possible to get the work done.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

One of the benefits of collaborative divorce is that it helps build a positive post-divorce relationship. If you are interested in building a positive post-divorce relationship starting with collaborative divorce, the attorneys at Sandia Family Law can help.

Contact an Experienced Divorce Attorney in Albuquerque

If you are looking for an alternative to divorce litigation and have a cooperative party, mediation may be the best option for you. Whether you are looking for mediation services in Albuquerque or an experienced ABQ NM divorce attorney to represent you, we can help.

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