Secrets to a Civil, Even Amicable Divorce

It is rare these days to hear about a divorce that was amicable and mutually decided upon by both spouses, although virtually all divorces want to start that way. With the help of Sandia Family Law in Albuquerque, New Mexico you can experience dissolution of your marriage in a civil way that will not burn bridges. It may sound impossible, but when you have experienced mediators like the divorce attorneys at our law firm, you have a way to communicate without having to disagree and a way to save money from expensive litigation fees.

Uncontested, Mediated Divorce

When you are able to have a divorce that is amicable and civil, everyone involved (including children) notice an increase in the post-divorce level of happiness. With mediation from one of our lawyers, you will be able to reduce legal fees associated with divorce litigation. An attorney will help you discuss and create an agreement with your spouse regarding the dissolution of your marriage. These mediation meetings will give you knowledge to discuss things such as:

By avoiding the messy and expensive fights that come with a divorce, you are not only creating a more supportive environment for your children, you are also creating a more positive experience for yourself.

Creating an Agreed-upon Divorce

It isn’t easy to end a marriage no matter how long or short you and your spouse were together. When both spouses are able to take control of their own emotions and look at what is fair to each other as well as what is in their children’s best interest, a divorce can become less uncomfortable. When couples are able to make it a priority to divorce without fighting, there are far fewer regrets once an agreement has been reached.

Civil, Amicable Divorce in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The experienced attorneys at Sandia Family Law understand the issues that arise during this time and can help you create an amicable agreement. We know that each spouse should concentrate on their own self-opinions and keep the best interests of themselves and their children in mind when creating the divorce agreement. We provide our clients with a free consultation to help you decide if litigation is necessary for you to reach your divorce agreement. Contact us today at (505) 544-5126 today!

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